Testimonials - House Plan Buyers' Feedback, Comments and Opinions

With our blend of design experience and construction expertise we are able to provide homeowners with well-designed, comfortable floor plans at realistic prices. Our house plan views in 3d help you, as the future homeowner, to visualize the aesthetic qualities of the home plan and, in addition, our economical detailed construction drawings make your affordable dream home possible.

But don't take our word for it. Hear from our clients and customers:

  • "Barbara, first of all we would like to compliment you on the quality of the plans. They have given our builder all he needs & the design review committee thought the design more than satisfied the requirements of the housing development here in Asheville." Larry K., NC

  • "Thank you again for everything. I really love this plan and greatly appreciate the modifications you are doing for me. I have looked at so many plans and with these minor changes this one is exactly what I want. Thanks again." Amy H., PA

  • "Louise, I just wanted to let you know that we did receive our house plans yesterday. They look great, and we are very pleased. Thanks for all your help!" Sherry B., Texas

  • "My wife and I are very pleased with what you have done. It's nice to see the mods drawn to more easily visualize." Dan S. Wisconsin

  • "Once again, thank you for the great work and quick turnaround. I find the plan changes very much to my liking." Bill K., Vermont

  • "Barbara, Thank you for the quick turnaround on the drawings. Everything looks great, I really like how the central area turned out with the bathrooms and our storage utility room." George M., NY

  • "Awesome! I love the house plan and so does everyone I show it to! Thank you so much! It has been wonderful working with your company! I tell EVERYONE who will listen about your site!" Donna M., Virginia

  • "Thanks so much for your straight forward and timely response to our email questions. My husband and I are really looking forward to building our new retirement home on our lake property" Martha and Joel R., Pennsylvania

  • "I received my house plans today. Thank you very much for all your help with this project. It was extremely easy to work and communicate with you." Crestina V., New Mexico

  • "Being able to see the house plans in 3d was very helpful for me to choose the right affordable house plan. My husband has no problem visualizing these things but I wanted to know what I was getting." Jane B., Ohio.

  • "The build-in-stages, expandable house plan is just the thing we needed for our tight budget." Max and Diane C., Mississippi

  • "Our builder loves your plans, very detailed and easy to work with, and literally saved us thousands." Doug and Melinda H., Missouri

  • "Finding an affordable house plan was very important for me since I am retired on a fixed income. With these economical house plans my builder was able to keep construction costs well within my budget." Victoria M., Florida.

  • "Although I can visualize things pretty good, the house plans in 3d feature made choosing more fun and enjoyable for all of us." Warren G., Texas.

  • "I like lots of natural light and for me seeing house floor plans in 3d helped me to choose a plan with cheerful and bright interiors." Susan P., Georgia.

  • "I needed to be my own contractor in order to build within our budget. Having this level of construction detail in the house plan was very important in building an affordable home." Mike S., North Carolina.

  • "We had no problem making changes to our plans, we just told our builder what we wanted and he was able to work it into the construction without having any revised plans redrawn." Harry and Lisa M., South Carolina

  • "These plans come with lots of construction detail and clear specifications. What I like best are the separate framing sheets which give clear concise information for my framers without the clutter normally found on the regular plan pages." Roland, R., Texas

  • "We really enjoy looking at your site; itís so much easier to know what the floor plan will look like with all the beautiful color 3 dimensional images. Our only complaint is that your selection is limited and we haven't found a plan that is appropriate for us. Fortunately, we're not in a hurry so we'll keep checking back with you. Thanks," Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H., Minnesota

  • "We just moved into our new home (we built the Plan #SG-1681) and we're so excited. We still have lots of decorating and furnishing to do but we just love the open floor plan concept, especially with company." Brenda T. and Kathy D., North Carolina

  • "The website was easy to look through and the different categories helped us to zero in on a house plan that met our needs. We liked being able to see the house in 3d with all the views for each floor plan. This was a great help in choosing the right house plan." Joyce and Fred A., California

  • "The plans were very detailed and precise, easy to follow and build with, technical assistance is a nice feature but I didn't really need it." Neil S. Builder, North Carolina

  • "Thank you Barbara and Brad for the great modifications and technical support your company gave us along with the house plans we purchased from you. Construction is well underway and we can't wait till we move in." Clare and Kevin K., Louisiana

  • "Thanks for your very speedy service for house plan modifications. The changes look great and we appreciate your excellent rates." Samuel T. and Martha G., Texas

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