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Building Construction Costs

Building Construction Cost Topics

SG-576 Small House Plan

LG-2810 Hillside House Plan

SG-1376 Downsizing House Plan
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What does it cost to build this home?

We offer a general rating system for an initial determination of the construction cost for a given plan.

  1. Our very general $ sign rating - This simple method indicates the level of construction cost for each plan based on the complexity of its structural elements. This rating is not based on size, choice of building products or quality of finish materials, but rather the degree to which standard construction methods and standard building material dimensions are utilized. Taken into consideration are factors such as number of foundation corners, length of beam spans, roof complexity, window opening variations, length of plumbing runs, etc. The ratings are calculated assuming the use of "stick built" roof rafters and ceiling joists, along with their corresponding beam supports. Actual costs can potentially be reduced by using roof trusses when applicable. This rating system serves as a general starting point from which you can either go up or down depending on the factors specific to your building project (personal choices, regional location, site conditions, etc.). For example, $(-) represents simple, straight-forward construction methods and materials which will translate into lower per square foot building costs. A rating of $$$(+) indicates a much more complex structure involving more labor and specialized framing materials resulting in per square foot building costs at the higher end.
    • $ = Simple
    • $$ = Moderate
    • $$$ = Complex
    Each category is further broken down by range:
    • (-) = Lower Range
    • (0) = Mid Range
    • (+) = Upper Range

  3. Our Construction Plan - The complete construction Repro Set/PDF File contains all construction sheets for bidding and building and includes the construction License Release Agreement needed for permission to build from copyrighted plans. This is the only way to properly price your building project.

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Do you provide Building Estimates?

No. Building Estimates or software generated construction costs by third parties (i.e.: someone not directly involved in the construction project) only give an exaggerated "ball-park" figure at best. Although they may include detailed breakdowns for each construction phase, it is not likely to be accurate and realistic since they do not take into consideration criteria such as area specific pricing trends, building demand (or lack of it) and the all-important human element. The best way to get an accurate building estimate with relevant construction costs is to purchase a construction plan and submit it to a local builder. If you are serious about building, we strongly recommend not relying on software estimates. We suggest having a builder view the plan online via our website to give you a general price range.
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How do builders price finish materials such as cabinets, bath fixtures and electrical fixtures if a homeowner isn't ready to make those choices ahead of time?

Most of the time future homeowners will not have made selections ahead of time for finish materials, in which case builders will quote prices that include allowances for items such as kitchen cabinets, flooring, appliances, etc. Just make sure that your builder knows your quality/price level and itemizes the allowances for easy comparison.
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What is the grid system and how does it affect building costs?

The modular grid system is a method of laying out and drawing house plan designs using standard dimensional increments of 2' and 4' that correspond to standard building materials. The resulting construction costs are reduced since there is less material waste and reduced construction labor time.

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What are dedicated framing plans?

Dedicated framing and wall panel plans contain detailed wall framing schematics for each floor level showing stud walls complete with dimensions, window/door numbers, beams and bearing walls referenced to their corresponding schedules. Individual studs are shown in plan form within every wall and all walls are given an ID number for reference to their corresponding panel elevation views. The elevated wall panel views of each wall correspond to the wall panel ID numbers on the stud wall framing plans. All walls show elevation views of the stud framing complete with door/window openings, headers and beam pockets.

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Why are dedicated framing plans so important in constructing the home?

Dedicated construction framing plans offer much more detail, clarity and ease of use, ultimately saving on construction costs.

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