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SG-1248 Small Country Ranch House Plan

SG-1576 Small Cottage Plan

If you still have questions, please CONTACT US

What is the best way to have our questions addressed specifically?

If you can't find an answer to your question within this list (or you don't want to take the time), please email us, we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Why is it better to email our questions rather than by the phone?

When you email us with any questions, it gives us time to pull the plan up and prepare the information you requested. It's actually faster, more efficient and more accurate.

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Why won't the email links work on my computer?

When you click on the "send email" links your computer will look for a default email client. If your computer does not have any default email client configured then send email links on any site will not work. The solution is to send an email by manually typing in our email address in the address bar of your email program.
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If I have a home building construction service, is it possible to list it on the website?

Yes. If you are at all familiar with our plans we encourage you to take advantage of our free listing opportunity on the Home Builders Listing page for the state in which you work. Please send an email to with the following information:
•Company name (or name under which you operate)
•Contact information (business address, phone number, email, website)

We also invite you to join our Affiliate Program

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If I have a product for sale or a different type of service to offer other than residential home building, how should I contact you?

You shouldn't. Please note: If you are a business or individual soliciting the sale of a product or any other type of service (including, but not limited to, marketing/advertising, SEO, Web Design, etc.) we ask that you kindly NOT call us, REFRAIN from sending spam email and, above all, DO NOT SEND sample or brochures. We do not purchase, hire or refer in this manner. Thank you for your cooperation.
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